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CAKE Kalk bike: Electric light off-road motorcycle

This motorcycle is a special case since it combines the flexibility of a bicycle and because of the low weight it best serves off road experiences. The exterior is characterized by simplicity but at the same time it sits nicely in the eye.

The electric motorcycle is more aimed at off-road riders, but it can be a clever solution for the future of travel, as Cake chief executive claims. The company believes that it is possible to sell several thousand models a year.

The production version of the motorcycle is manufactured in Taiwan but the electric motor is manufactured in Europe. It has an electric motor that reaches 15 kW at 42NM torque, while its battery is 2.6kWh. It also has three driving modes as well as adjustable motor braking.

Basic Specifications

Range 7-15 kW
42 Nm peak torque on shaft
3000 rpm
Front sprocket 13 teeth
Rear sprocket 80 teeth
Chain size 420 O-ring

18650 lithium cells
51.8 Volt
50 Ah
2.6 kWh
0-80% takes 1,5 h to charge in a standard outlet
0-100% takes 2,5 h to charge in a standard outlet
6061 aluminium, extruded, forged and CNC jointed and welded
Body Carbon fibre reinforced PC
Swing arm 6061 aluminium extruded tube profile with linkage

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